Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tv journal 5
I like this activity very much because it forced me to watch a television program in English. This activity made me discover a new TV program that I wouldn’t have watched otherwise. The TV show helped my English skills because the series ‘Prison Break’ is easy to follow. One of the reasons I like the show is because it uses a very general language that I can understand. I would recommend this program to other students because it helps students to learn English and it is interesting. Watching the show and writing a report on it also helps to practice your vocabulary, your grammar and verb structure.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

In episode four i looked at my new cellmate a psychotic named Rowell . This guy just looked at me all the time and looked my tattoo. I am afraid about my projet because he doesn't want to help to make my plan . Fibonacci questions me each day about how my plan is going I promised to get him out of jail with me and my brother . My new cellmate looks at me and unscrambles my tattoo , he said it is a labyrinth but he doesn't know where the guide is . To eject my cellmate I hoit my head on the wall and I fake a fight .This is the only reason to separate two cellmates . He made some noise and at the same time smached the wall behind the sink .After this ,I went to the infirmary to have my sting and create a block in the piping with chemical products . I put these chemical products in the drainage pipe of the infirmary .

Sunday, October 15, 2006

In the second episode , the ex-girl friend of Lincoln was interestied in the death of the vice-president . The girl wanted more information on this affair because she was persuaded Lincoln was innocent in this affair . At the same time Michael built the escape of the jail . He took drugs named Pugnac to reduce the ratio of in his blood . He wanted to get everyone to the infirmary to receive insulin for the diabetic . Because he said the infirmary was the part of the jail, there why less security .This is the reason he wanted to go to the infirmary to build the escape of the brother and himself . But he had problems with another captive John . John was an influential guy in jail and wanted information on a guy named Fibonacci. Fibonacci told them who killed the vice-president . But the only guy who knew where Fibonacci was Michael and he didn't want to talk about this guy because this guy was only the guy to save his brother . John cut a toe of Michael because he didn't want to talk . In the second episode of The prison break .

Thursday, September 07, 2006

TV Program
Prison break

My tv program is Prison break. I choose this series because a like movies with action and I have lot of action inside this program . I hope to learn what lifeis like in jail.
The major conflit that is a vice-president was killed by Phillips a business man . The wrong man
went to the jail his name Lincoln . He is senteced to death for 60 days . Lincoln has a brother named Micheal Scotfield who is a structural engineer . Micheal had to build the jail and he has a tattoo showing the plan of the jail on her body . Micheal and Lincoln are incarcetrated in the same prison . Micheal wants to orchestrated the escape of his brother . But he has a problem with other captives .
Because others captives wants the secret of the jail and he dont wants to said anything.